Japan 2015 - Meiji shrine, Shibuya, J-World & Sky tree

So we arrived in Tokyo on Tuesday the 23rd and directly went and checked in at our hotel. Then we took the train to the Meiji shrine and then visted Harajuku and Shibuya. The next day we went to Ikebukuro to go to J-World. A theme "park" (indoors) with attractions and stuff from Shonen Jump. There weren't many people there at all (it actually felt kinda dead...) and since we're not fully into all of the mangas and animes from Shonen Jump, we could only fully enjoy certain parts of the "park". But I enjoyed it! Don't regret going there at all! Then we went to the Sky Tree. 350 m up with an amazing 360° view. Incredible. 

Walking to Meiji shrine.

The walkway was line with huuuuuge trees.


Takeshita street in Harajuku.

Bought some crêpes with the thickest custard I've ever tasted!

Back to Shibuya!

Had this nostalgic kiwi drink at Denny's in honor of Maja Salander (she loved this drink!).

Inside J-world...

I was very psyched about finding Kagura and Shinpachi!

Sofia was very happy to find Ichigo xD

YEEEES GINTOKI *fangirl scream*

Oh Katsura xD

Entering Konoha!

OMG Takeuchi Junko was here!


This avo burger was.....divine.

The Sky Tree!

This view...

 Omg freshly made Calbee hot potato stick...heaven.


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