I've had such an amazing weeekend together with my Player 1, Maja. Haven't seen her in a few months so it felt so good to hang out with her again. We've been doing some shopping, eating alot of great food, made delicious desserts at my apartment, watching movies and today we had a really fun photo shoot! We have so much fun together and I'm glad that it won't be too long until next time we see each other! Just 1 month until I go back up north! Can't waaaait!

Pasta dinner at "Därmedpasta". Always a good idea!

This...may not look tasty. But trust me. It tasted like heaven. Japp-mousse. Amazin'.

Lunch in Täby C at Chili & Soy! Delish!

Dinner at Texas Longhorn!

And after our shoot today we met up with lovely Amanda and went out for dinner. What a wonderful evening!
Me and my Player 1. The best of the best.

Postat av: majsi

Tack för en grym helg underbara vän <3

Svar: Nöjet var helt på min sida <3
Johanna Lundgren

2015-07-22 @ 19:52:21

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