Family renuion

These past few days with Cath and Anna has been so much fun. We went to Skansen together, IKEA, walked around Gamla Stan, had lots of great food and munched on tons of snacks while chillin' in my apartment watching Dan & Phil GAMES and just catching up like there's no tomorrow. It's so crazy to think that I met these girls 5 years ago, on the other side of the planet...and now here we are again, together! I've meet Cath 2 times during these past 5 years but Anna only once....but when we met now it was like no time had passed at all. Just love them so much.
It always sucks to have to say goodbye to friends but we always keep on saying "See you soon" instead. Feels alot better that way. I need to visit them in Italy and HK soon!!

Cutest Cath!

All three of us together again <3

Found these pretty cows at Skansen! :D

Having dinner at a traditional Swedish restaurant...

It's hard to see but underneath all of that pork and fried onion is some Black pudding! So good!

Me and sweetest Anna <3


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