The days

I've had some really lovely few days this week. 
On Monday evening my Dad came and visited and we put up a shelf in my apartment and then went out for dinner together. 
Then yesterday, on Tuesday, I hanged out with Anna the whole day. We watched some youtube videos, screamed over cosplayers who did a TOO GOOD of a job at cosplaying as the other sex, drank alot of tea and talked about everything random and then we had dinner together at "Därmedpasta" and sat there for almost 4 hours talking even more. It was such a good day.
And then, today, I've barely done anything. I slept in and have mostly been chillin in my bed the entire day with either my book in my hands, or my phone. Or watching Dan and Phil's videos on Youtube. Their friendships makes me so happy. 
Less than 1 week until I go back north! Woop!


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