Yesterday I finished playing KH 2.5. What a ride it was been. I didn't complete as many missions as my Player 1 did (but that's exactly why she is my Player 1) but I am still happy with the result. I defeated Sephiroth and I cleared one data battle in The Cave of Remembrance. Could to better but I am gonna put this game away for now. Still my favourite game of all time, and alway will be.
Sora & Roxas 
In other news, I started watching Kuroko no Basuke 2 last night. Freaking out over Murasakibara as expected. Damn it all.
Anyways, I'm gonna enjoy this weekend as much as possible and refuel for my last full week at work! Even though the days pass quite slow, the week itself passes rather quick. Huh. 


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